Manufacturing for the world’s most demanding industries

313 industries manufactures the industries most demanding parts, assemblies and kits at precise tolerances, specifications and special processes.

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With decades of experience working in the complexities of the defense infrastructure, 313 Industries can move your project through the appropriate stages while navigating the unique defense industries requirements. Request our full capabilities statement to see the full line of specific completed projects and contract awards.

Mass transit

313 Industries has the experience necessary for new projects and to support mass transit service part programs. Each agency has its own unique requirements and 313 Industries specializes in adapting our process to feed the needs of our Mass Transit customers.


From Industrial automation to oil and gas, 313 Industries tackles projects that match our experience and expertise to provide the highest level of quality to meet demanding schedules. Many times, a commercial product will match exactly to the process of manufacturing used at 313 Industries. In these cases, we will execute a project with the same exacting precision afforded sophisticated armored land vehicles and other defense industry work.


Why 313 Industries

Key systems

Sophisticated proprietary project and supply chain management

Value added services

Adding value through in-house engineering, validated assembly and layered kitting for large kit projects and assemblies.

Advanced processes

Offering advanced metal removal technologies, computer aided fabrication, forming and the latest in welding technology.