313 Industries is a certified WBE, WSOB and MBE. We are a social enterprise that pursues manufacturing excellence while making an impact on the wellbeing of our community.

We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by corporations and government agencies today and we can add diversity to your supply chain.

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  • Feeding the hungry
  • Clothing the needy
  • Counseling the lost
  • Comforting the hurt
  • Showing up in a crisis
  • Sharing the good news


5% to support SE Michigan nonprofits

We philanthropically support the following charities:

  • Lighthouse of Michigan
  • Humble Design
  • COTS
  • Detroit Downtown Boxing Gym
  • New Life Rescue Mission


Machinist Apprenticeship Program

313 Industries 0*NET-SOC CODE:
51.4012.00 federally registered apprenticeship program consists of:

  • 100% of apprenticeship class tuition paid
  • 100% of books and supplies paid
  • 100% salary paid for class time
  • 100% tuition reimbursement for post apprenticeship program bachelor's degree


Warfighter protection and survivability

313 Industries is 100% devoted to those that have committed themselves to protect and serve others and to fight for their community.


Delivering quality and integrity to the world’s most demanding industries

313 Industries seeks to provide the highest quality machining and fabrication, the most diligent project management, and the most precise engineering. The experience of our team coupled with the intelligent use of the latest technologies ensures that 313 Industries consistently delivers a high level of quality, reliable delivery, and competitive pricing.


Integrity, Stewardship & Legacy

Our mission is to hire deliberately and to provide a positive and enriching work experience for all of our employees.


Values and principles

Divinely prepared

We believe that we have been divinely prepared and gifted to steward the resources we have been entrusted with.

Qualified experts

We believe that we will lead the way in providing the necessary expertise to the manufacturing industry and to the people of Metro Detroit who aspire to be successful in manufacturing and STEM industries.


We are committed to providing access to people who historically have not had access to the best jobs in manufacturing and technology.  


We are committed to preparing our people to achieve personal goals of financial and career stability.

Hiring & training

We are committed to Metro Detroit residents in need of first & second chances, such as at-risk youth, underemployed and formerly incarcerated and homeless.

Goal achievement

We believe the achievement of career and personal goals leads to self-efficacy for not only our people, but also their families and community.


Leadership team behind 313 Industries

Dan Kendall

Executive Vice President

Dan Kendall’s hands on experience in nearly every aspect of manufacturing coupled with his wealth of lessons learned is the backbone of 313 Industries’ production and project management excellence.

Dr. Rita Fields


Dr. Rita Fields founded 313 Industries after decades of successful executive leadership and nonprofit board service. Her vision and commitment to quality has guided the company through its explosive growth and promising trajectory.