Using the latest technology and 313 Industries proprietary processes to produce the best quality, faster

Our unique project and supply chain management process coupled with time tested quality and manufacturing techniques are integral to the success of 313 Industries.

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In-house engineering

313 Industries can reverse engineer your product and make it in rapid prototype fashion utilizing all in-house capabilities. 313 Industries does not rely on our customers for 3D modeling. Our in-house capabilities assure that manufacturing will not be waiting for difficult to obtain models. Process engineering is at the root of our ability to produce accurately and in accordance with aggressive timelines.

Project & supply chain management

Our ability to manage large projects with hundreds of part numbers that must come together as assemblies and kits is a unique and rare skill set. Our project management system incorporates risk assessment and in-process validation to protect the integrity of the project timeline. In lieu of the ‘purchase order and move on’ method typically adopted by others, we play a unique and active role in the operations conducted by everyone in our supply chain. We have received feedback that this approach is welcomed because it adds significant value and assure a positive and profitable experience. We are especially nimble in the face of complexity and aggressive timelines.


313 Industries has developed a sophisticated assembly validation process that utilizes layered auditing and neutral or cross inspection. Our process assures that assemblies will not leave the assembly area without functional, dimensional and BOM validation.


Military kits that are intended for installation at numerous and remote locations will find themselves in places where a missing component can cause catastrophe. 313 industries has developed a proprietary layered kitting process that assures that when a soldier or technician executes an installation every required item will be present and ready for installation.

Advanced CNC Machining

Advanced metal removal technologies lead the way for 313 Industries core in-house capabilities.

  • CNC Milling: 313 Industries compliment of advanced CNC Machining Centers utilize the latest in fixturing, tooling and probing technologies. High speed 3 Axis machining, multiple work piece 4 Axis machining along with sophisticated 3+2 and full 5Axis machining are used on an array of work piece sizes, configurations, and materials.
  • CNC Turning: The use of probing, live tooling and multi axis capabilities allows 313 Industries to produce cylindrical based parts quickly at the highest quality.

Fabrication and forming

Cutting various materials followed by bending and forming operations can be accomplished with numerous technologies. 313 Industries selects the right process for the desired result. This produces consistent quality and reliability at predictable thruputs.

Advanced welding

Specializing in GTAW and Tungsten inert gas(TIG) welding, 313 Industries employs the use of fixturing that assure repeatability. Weld placement and sequence are carefully selected to assure print conformance and consistency.


Industries we serve


With decades of experience working in the complexities of the defense infrastructure, 313 Industries can move your project through the appropriate stages while navigating the unique defense industries requirements. Request our full capabilities statement to see the full line of specific completed projects and contract awards.

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Mass transit

313 Industries has the experience necessary for new projects and to support mass transit service part programs. Each agency has its own unique requirements and 313 specializes in adapting our process to feed the needs of our Mass Transit customers.

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From Industrial automation to oil and gas, 313 Industries tackles projects that match our experience and expertise to provide the highest level of quality to meet demanding schedules. Many times, a commercial product will match exactly to the process of manufacturing used at 313 Industries. In these cases, we will execute a project with the same exacting precision afforded sophisticated armored land vehicles and other defense industry work.

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